Letchworth State Park

Perfect for all occasions..

Letchworth State Park

Letchworth State Park is a photographers dream backdrop for all occasions. If you are deciding on a location for your upcoming wedding or photography session, I would recommend Letchworth State Park. The park is located an hour south of Rochester, New York. The gorgeous Genesee River flows through the park, with three major waterfalls, beautiful trails, historic stone walls and buildings.

Seasons of Letchworth State Park

Spring + Summer

Late Spring when the flowers start to bloom and the trees are filling out, Letchworth State Park comes back to life after a long winter. It's a beautiful time for all photography session types.


Fall is the most popular time of year at Letchworth State Park. People enjoy visiting the park for the gorgeous fall foliage of Western New York. This is my favorite time of year to shoot sessions, and weddings at Letchworth State Park.


Winter at Letchworth State Park can sometimes be overlooked. The whimsical frozen waterfalls and beautiful snowy cliffs, make the park the perfect place for an elopement or snowy engagement session.

Letchworth State Park Weddings

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